IPL is the king of T20 cricket series. It is not only the most popular cricket league but also the highest-paid. IPL makes more than Rs.2,000 Crore each year. 

This is one of the reasons why the players make a hefty sum of money. In IPL the cricket players earn 10x their average salary in any other league. 

Each year before the IPL takes place; the players are auctioned. Each team gets to choose the players for their team. While some players are chosen in the auction, the teams retain their start players. 

The players who are retained make the most money because they play permanently for a team. Example, Virat Kohli has been playing permanently with Royal Challengers Bangalore since 2008.

But even the players from the auction earn a lot of money. Example, this year Pat Cummins is the highest-paid player bought in the auction by Kolkata Knight Riders.

While some people simply enjoy watching IPL, others are curious as to how much money do the players make? So to sate your curiosity, we have come up with a list of highest-paid IPL players of 2020.

Highest Paid IPL Players of 2020:

You will find some of the obvious players in the list. However, some names on the list will render you speechless.

Highest Paid IPL Players

Virat Kohli (17 Crore): 

Virat Kohli is by far not only the most popular player in IPL but the highest-paid as well. He is the current captain of the Indian cricket team. In IPL he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is the start playing along with the team captain. This right-handed batsman is one of the finest cricket players in the world. He earns Rs.17 Crore each IPL season.

Pat Cummins (15.5 Crore):

He is an Australian cricket player. He is the vice-captain in the team. He got the highest bid in the 2020 IPL auction. Currently he plays for Kolkata Knight Riders. He is a fast bowler. He is also a right-handed batsman. His current salary in this IPL season is Rs.15.5 Crore.

MS Dhoni (15 Crore):

MS Dhoni is the most popular cricket figure in the world. He gained recognition during the India vs Pakistan match in the world cup. He is the reason why the Indian cricket team won the ICC world cup in the first place. He is the former captain of the Indian team. In IPL he permanently plays for Chennai Super Kings. He earns a salary of Rs.15 Crore each season.

Rohit Sharma (15 Crore):

Rohit Sharma is the captain of Mumbai Indians IPL team. In the 2019 IPL season, he took the team to the semifinal and finally won the IPL season. He is a batsman and bowls occasionally. He earns a salary of Rs.15 Crore every season.

David Warner (12.5 Crore):

He is an Australian cricket player. He is also the former captain of the team. He is an excellent batsman. Currently, he plays for SunrisersHyderabad. He is the team captain. He earns a salary of Rs.12.5 Crore annually.

These are the top five highest-paid IPL players in 2020. However, there is a tie for the fiver position. There are other IPL players who earn a salary of Rs.12.5 Crore. Here are the names.

  • Steven Smith (12.5 Crore): He is the captain of Rajasthan Royals team.
  • Sunil Narine (12.5 Crore): He is an all-rounder and currently plays for Kolkata knight Riders.
  • Ben Stokes (12.5 Crore): Currently he is not playing in IPL, but he will join the season soon. He plays for Rajasthan Royals.

This is the list of highest-paid IPL players in 2020.