Before the beginning of the Tuscan Grand Prix, Ferrari lauded their 1000th Formula One race. This was done by having Mick Schumacher, son of Michael Schumacher drive the 2004 award-winning Ferrari that belongs to his father, Michael, around Mugello.

Why is this such an important and a proud moment for Mick Schumacher?

It is an important moment for Mick Schumacher because he is driving the car that his father had won thirteen out of twenty events and was on his way which is the 7th and ultimate world championship of 2004. At present, his father is still battling for his life after the horrible car skiing accident that had occurred seven years ago. Mick Schumacher rode around the old school circuit. This is Mick Schumacher’s second time Driving his father’s car. Previously he had driven the Ferrari in the 2019 German Grand Prix to share 15 years of Michael’s Worldwide Title. Mick Schumacher proceeded to say that it had always been his dream to drive his dad’s Ferrari. He also said that he had driven the car at Hockenheim the previous year but driving the car at Mugello without rain has been an incredibly honorific drive.

What happened to Michael Schumacher?

In December of 2013, Michael Schumacher had suffered almost a mortal brain injury after his car had skied off in the French Alps. He had smacked his head on a boulder after falling. Doctors had to keep him in a medically effected coma. But as of now, he has been out of the coma. Nevertheless, his health conditions are being closely monitored and guarded outside his mansion in Lake Geneva.

Michael Schumacher has reportedly won 72 of his 91 winnings for Ferrari. Unfortunately, he was absent from celebrating his (former) team’s landmark race which was located in Mugello.

Mick Schumacher

The reaction of the fans

The melody of the V10 engines had touched the hearts of the many fans present there. They all were mesmerized by the top-notch dominant car, which it still is.

One of the tweets of the fans had said that the noise of the engines was so incredible that the car needs to be driven again so that people can once more enjoy the fascinating music that its engines compose.

Another fan had tweeted that the tone of the engine is like music and asked them to leave it ‘playing’ in the backdrop for eternity because it sounds like the heavens to the ears.

What is so special about the car that literally drives fans crazy?

The Ferrari F2004 is the most successful F1 racing car. It was shown in the 2004 Formula One Season. It made its debut in the 2004 Australian Grand Prix. The engines that drive fans crazy are the Ferrari Tipo which is located in the mid-mounted and the rear-wheel-drive layout.

The power of this beast is around 850 to 1,000 horsepower. The drivers who are famous for driving this Ferrari are Michael Schumacher (German(y)) and Rubens Barrichello (Brazil(ian)).