If you are new in the sport of betting and don’t know much about how betting works and what are the risk factors in betting, then the 1xBet betting site will be a guide and a friend for you. The 1xBet betting site offers (more info: bettingsitesindia.in/1xbet-promo-code/) a wide range of welcome bonus offers to exclusive offers for their customers so that they win large amounts of money in betting. To get those offers, you have to redeem them with the codes they have given. These codes are the promo codes that unlock different bonus offers for you.

1xbet promo for Indian players

Here we are showing you a step-by-step procedure for redeeming the code and unlock yourself with exciting and amazing offers of a 1xBet betting site.

  1. Visit the official webpage of the 1xBet betting site. Once you visit the official webpage of a 1xBet betting site, you can see a green-coloured button showing “-” this label. This label is for the registration process.
  2. Once you click on that green button, the registration window will open on your screen. After the window opens, you have to fill in the data on that registration form. The registration form asks you to fill the form with your name, the currency you are using for placing a bet, and get the amount back after winning, your current address, and other details. Remember to place a proper promo code during the filling of your registration form.
  3. Set a strong password for your 1xBet betting account. The username will be given to you, which you can change afterwards. In case you forget your password, the username will help you change your password. You can change the password using the 1xBet betting site or from the app of 1xBet.
  4. Deposit a certain amount on a 1xBet betting account. The more money you deposit on your initial deposit, the more bonus offers you will get. Therefore, before transacting your initial deposit, make sure you transact a specific amount of money to unlock large welcome bonus offers. You can not deposit money less than 75₹ as the minimum amount for a deposit on a 1xBet betting site is 75₹. You can either deposit 75₹ or more than that.
  5. The welcome bonus will be credited to your account with a 200% matched bonus. However, the amount added to your account will depend upon the currency you are using for the transaction and the amount you have deposited on the 1xBet betting site in your initial deposit.

Once you complete all of the above steps, you will get applied for the welcome bonus offers of a 1xBet betting site for Indian players. However, these offers are only applicable if you are an Indian player with 18 or more than 18. You can not have more than one bonus offer on the same account, same credit card, or same debit card. Take a note that after five bets, you will be allowed to withdraw the money from the 1xBet betting account to your bank account.