Novak Djokovic can’t seem to catch a break this year. Seems like, the world number one cannot control his anger on the tennis court. He has been in the limelight for the third time this month, and it’s not for a good reason.

This time, the star player gets obscenity warning. He lost his cool again for the third time. But this wasn’t as bad as the first incident.

Here is how the series of incidents took place.

Deducted from US Open:

It all started with the US Open incident. During his match against Pablo, he lost his cool. In his fit of anger, he hit the ball behind him with force. Unfortunately, the ball accidentally hit the line judge’s throat. 

Realizing what he has done, he immediately went to check on her. However, it was too late. Looking at his actions, he was deducted from US Open 2020. He did not hit the judge on purpose, but as per the rules, any player who hits the ball with force when not in the game violates the rule. 

Novak Djokovic

As per the violation, the player needs to be deducted. Fans were disappointed with the decision, but he took it positively by apologized to everyone.

Breaking Tennis Racket:

After a few days of being disqualified from the US Open, he becomes part of another controversy. This incident takes place in the Italian Open tournament. 

During quarter-finals, he gets warning from the umpire. This time he had another meltdown on the tennis court. In another fit of anger, he slammed the racket really hard. The impact broke the frame along with the strings. 

He had to get another racket to continue playing. He received a warning for his angry behaviour. This time he doesn’t apologize for his actions. Rather he owns up to it and says that he does this to cope with his anger. He also states that he will do it again.

Obscenity Warning:

This is the recent controversy. This time he gets obscenity warning. It happened after two weeks after the first controversy. This time he was playing against caper Rudd. The incident took place during the semifinals. 

On Sunday he received an obscenity warning from the umpire in the Italian Open. The worst part is that there were fans that saw his outburst. During the first two controversies, the bleachers were empty as no audience was allowed. 

But this time a few selected people were allowed to watch the match. There were 1000 people who saw the entire thing. Sadly, most of them were children. 

It created a bad impression on them. He was upset by his behaviour as he sent a wrong message to the spectators. He doesn’t want to create such an image or do things like this, but this is how he deals with anger.

Novak is an excellent tennis player, but recently his actions seem to overshadow his performance. Well, if this keeps going on, he might face problems in the Italian Open as well.