India is the second-highest country with Covid-19 cases having been severely affected. In such a situation, many business tycoons, organizations and TV personalities came together to help the country.

Generous donations are being made to support the community affected by this pandemic.

Recently, one of the biggest sports personalities and Influencer, Abhinav Bindra came forward to promote a new initiative. It was an “India Run as One” campaign. He used the platform to lend his voice and raise funds.

The main motive behind this campaign was to raise funds for the people in India who are affected by this pandemic. Abhinav Bindra proved to be the perfect candidate to empower youth and help the country in this tough time.

Abhinav Bindra:

Abhinav Bindra age 37 is an Indian sports personality. He is the only Indian to win gold in the Olympics. In the 2008 Olympic, he made the entire nation proud with his victory. He won the medal in 10-meter rifle shooting sport.

Apart from that, he has won nearly 150 medals in total. Currently, he works as a businessman and sports Influencer. He runs an NGO to support the Indian athletes. He provides rehab facilities, medicine, treatments, and sports technology to all the aspiring athletes in India.

Being a young sports influencer, he is using the platform to support the Indian community amidst the current pandemic.

Abhinav Bindra

Sunfeast: India Run As One

Sunfeast is a popular brand in India, delivering food supplies like biscuits. It is run by ITC Limited. It is one of the biggest conglomerate companies in India, having roots in almost every sector. 

They have recently started a new initiative to support the Indian Community. It was a participative running event. Candidates had to digitally participate in this event looking at the current scenario. 

The goal of the event was to raise funds for the people whose lives are affected by Coronavirus in India. It was an international fundraiser. 

In this event, they covered the distance of 211,344 Km. It is from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The funds raised from the event will go towards supporting livelihoods. 

More than 140 million people have no means of livelihood in India. This money will help them to dive in the deeper depths of poverty and starvation.

There were no boundaries in this 30-day initiative. The participation began on 15th August. They used Bindra’s voice to encourage the youth to participate in the event.

There were 3 tiers in contribution,

  • Change Maker: Rs.99/ $15
  • Change Leader: Rs.499
  • Change Champion: Rs.999/ $50

Out of all the contributions, 25% will be used for supporting the community. 

Why Abhinav Bindra?

He is the perfect candidate to motivate the youth towards making a contribution. He runs two organizations. He promises that all the employees in his companies will have job security.

He relates to the problems people are facing in India. Because of this, he is encouraging other people to support the weaker community. Only with help, support and unity can we overcome this disaster. 

According to him, the initiative has great potential as they are using the digital medium to promote health, sports and support the community at the same time. Till now, they have raised Rs.2,66,03,517. The total distance covered is 4,00,714 Km.