Barcelona and Lionel Messi have been in the news since the beginning. A whole lot of drama ensued when Messi decided to leave the club.

However, he ends up staying to avoid any legal complications. Since then he has been trying to make amends with the club. He quotes that Barcelona is the “club of his life” and he would never want to leave it.

The entire drama left the Barcelona fans in quite a shock. They are not used to see Barcelona with Messi. Ever since then many fans have been worried about the future of the club.

But the match played on 28th September relieved the fans from the constant worry.

Ansu Fati, the 2nd youngest Barcelona player in LaLiga. He showed that he could be the next big thing. At the mere age of 17, he got an entry in of the most prestigious club in the world.

Not only that, in his first match, he even managed to score a goal. He is the youngest goalscorer in Champions League. He managed to score not one but multiple goals.

In the recent match on Sunday when Barcelona played against Villarreal, Fati gave it all. They trashed the opponent, thereby scoring four goals against zero. Out of all the four goals, Ansu managed to score 3.

Ansu Fati:

He is a 17-year-old professional footballer. He plays for Barcelona club. In the national team, he plays for Spain. He belongs to a family of footballers. He has been playing with Barcelona’s La Masia for a long time.

In the year 2019-20, he signed an official contract with Barcelona. She scored the first goal for Barcelona when he was 16 years. 

In the month of September, he started playing for the first team. He scored three goals in Barcelona’s first LaLiga match.

  • Total LaLiga Goals in 2019: 8 
  • Total LaLiga Goals in 2020: 2
Ansu Fati

Messi-Fati Mentorship:

While Anus Fati scored three goals, Messi scored one goal against Villarreal. Mess and Suarez were the dynamic duos of the Barcelona team. However, Suarez left the cub, which definitely affected Barcelona’s performance.

But after the game on Sunday, it looks like there will be another duo. It will be Messi and Fati. They have a different playing style which can work perfectly for Barcelona. 

Messi has always been supportive of the Fati. He even complimented him on various occasions. Fati, on the other hand, idolizes Messi. He says that he has always dreamed of playing with Messi and it is surreal. 

Messi gives him lots of advice during the game and while training. Although Fati can never replace Suarez, he can definitely be of a great help Barcelona win the Championship.

Messi has always been loyal to Barcelona. It is one of the reasons why he still plays with them. However, he has only one year of contracts left. This worries the fans immensely. Ansu Fati cannot be the next Messi for Barcelona, but he can take the club to great heights. However, fans need not worry because Messi recently said that he wants to unite the club and the fans so that Barcelona can win the league.