The 2020 US Election Day is coming closer with just 35 days remaining. As the parties have chosen their respective candidates, it is time for the Presidential Debate. 

This year the debate is between current President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. He is a Democratic challenger. 

The Presidential Debate takes place in stages. There will be a host who will ask questions to both the parties.

The first Presidential Debate took place on 29th September. We have all the details about the events that took place during the debate.

There will be two more rounds of debate on different dates along with one Vice Presidential Debate.

Debate Events:

First Presidential Debate: 

  • Contender: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
  • Date: 29th September
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Location: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
  • Time: 9 to 10 pm ET
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Vice-Presidential Debate:

  • Contender: Vice-President Pence vs Senator Kamala D. Harris
  • Date: 7th October
  • Day: Wednesday
  • Location: University of Utah
  • Time: 9 to 10 pm ET
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Second Presidential Debate:

  • Contender: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
  • Date:15th October
  • Day: Thursday
  • Location: Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami
  • Time: 9 to 10 pm ET
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Third Presidential Debate:

  • Contender: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden
  • Date:22nd October
  • Day: Thursday
  • Location: Belmont University, Nashville
  • Time: 9 to 10 pm ET
  • Duration: 90 minutes
Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

Details of the Debate:

The first debate has already taken place between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The event was streaming live on Washington Post and other news stations.

The moderator of the debate was Chris Wallace. He is the anchor of Fox News Sunday.

It was a 90 minutes long debate with no breaks. Both candidates came on stage. There was no handshaking done. There were 80 to 90 people in the audience. Everyone was tested for Covid-19. 

The debate started with no opening statement. The entire debate was divided into 15 minutes. There were a total of 6 parts of the debate.

The host asked the first question to Donald Trump. The debate continued after that. Here are the topics of each part.

  • Trump and Biden Records
  • Supreme Court
  • Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Economy
  • Race and Violence in Cities
  • The integrity of the Election

Highlights of the Debate:

Here are the important highlights of the debate.

The event started with both the parties coming on the stage and smiling at the host; however, it soon changed when the actual debate started.

  • Supreme Court and Healthcare:

Both the parties started debating on health care issues. Trump calls Biden a socialist. Trump also defended Amy Coney Barrett. 

  • The 2 minutes change:

At the start of the debate, Joe asks Trump “How are you doing, man?” After 2 minutes in the debate, he went “Will you shut up, man?” He also said, “Keep yapping man”.

  • Unstoppable Trump:

Trump kept going on even when it was Biden’s chance to speak. However, the moderator came in between and asked him to let Biden speak.

  • Worst President Tag:

Biden says to Trump that he is the worst president of the USA.

  • Tax Debate:

Biden called out Trump on his tax payment. Claims Trump did not pay the tax.

  • Trump Calls out Biden’s Son:

Trump calls out Biden’s son Hunter and links him to Ukraine. He tries to make Biden lose his cool, which he did. He says that Trump is a liar and asks him to shut up.

  • Worst Presidential Debate:

Overall the debate was a failure. At one point, Trump went towards Biden and threatened him that it would not end well. Biden who tried to maintain the debate gave up when Trump started bullying him. Trump also bullied the host. Overall it was the worst debate ever.