The 18-day monsoon session of the Parliament started today. The session started with the precautions about the coronavirus and all the other precautionary steps that were not known or implemented before.

Both the houses were in a setting that was made in order to facilitate the norms of social distancing amongst the MPs. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi delivered a strong and powerful message stating about the India and China border standoff, for his traditional comments that he gave before the beginning of the parliament session.

What did the PM of India say prior to the start of the session?

The PM of India had said in his beginning ‘prior-parliament session’ speech that he hopes that the Parliament and all the other members present in the session will unitedly forward the message that the nation will stand and continue to stand with the Indian soldiers.

The Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said in Lok Sabha during the no question hour that was passed earlier that morning, and it was an extraordinary situation. Given the multiple ways of questioning the government, the government would not be running away from the discussion.

It was said by the Defense Minister that can be utilized to question the government.

The recent update that we know about the Monsoon Session

Parliament Monsoon Session 2020
  • The government said on Sunday that all parties could not be held because of the outbreak of the coronavirus. Has been made to accommodate the conduction of meetings for a stop there will be settings for 4 hours, and the Parliament will function for seven days per week. The schedule for Rajya Sabha will be that it will function from 9 am to 1 pm, and Lok Sabha will function from 3 pm onwards to 7 pm.
  • The question will be replaced by written questions and answers only. This upset the opposition. The SNP’s MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury said in Lok Sabha that given the circumstances the question hour is not being held, but the proceedings are being conducted. This might strangulate democracy.
  • Eleven bills will replace a few ordinances that were issued since March. PM Modi after a few days announced that India would go under lockdown.
  • Three new bills that will be bought are going to be about labour laws.
  • The president of Congress Sonia Gandhi will not be attending the first discussion of the Parliament Monsoon Session, because she has gone abroad for her checkup. Her son Rahul Gandhi will return in a few days as he is accompanying her.
  • The members who will be attending the session were asked to get tested for COVID-19. BJP’s Sukanta Majumdar had tweeted regarding the same.
  • Seven Union have contracted coronavirus, and many lawmakers are recovering from the virus. Casualties have taken place. 200 out of the 785 MPs are above the age of 65, which makes them vulnerable to the virus.
  • Precautionary measures are being implemented to ensure the safety of all the members while attending the Parliament Monsoon Session.