The recent wildfire that started in the US state, California, which has burned over 2.5 million acres of land in the state along with eight casualties. The strong winds have caused the ash and smoke from the wildfires to reach the northern area of the state. The smoke that has reached and covered the city is so thick. Resulting in the smoke clouds to block out the sun from appearing almost entirely. 

Moreover, the blue sky that enveloped the city has now been replaced with the shades of orange and yellow. The afternoons that are supposed to be the peak time where the sun’s heat is at the zenith is now covered with thick orange ash and smoke. Moreover, this has caused San Francisco to look like a future civilization of Mars. But this snippet from the future, which is far from the present, has a different meaning at the moment.

The smoke and ash has affected the major cities in California

California Wildfires

The satellite images of the smoke and ashes show how dense the smoke is. It also shows how opaque it is that they can block most of the light emitted by the sun! The picture uploaded by a climate scientist from UCLA shows us what type of cloud has formed. And everything that it has been generating for the past so many days.

The state governor of Oregon has stated that it is a “once in a generation event”. He further stated that it had been a significant loss for the human race and property of the state that has been existing since centuries. The wildfires have indeed affected the state’s history and property along with the personal property of the residing citizens. The small towns have been affected by the fire the most. Moreover, this has resulted in the loss of small shops and businesses in small towns. The overall stated casualties of the three states; California, Oregon and Washington, are 8, 2 and 1, respectively.

The cause of the wildfires has been rumoured to be because of a gender reveal party. It is said that a pyrotechnic device that generates smoke had been used in the party. It was the main cause of the El Dorado fire.

The fires have also increased the temperature and heat waves have been recorded, the highest recorded to be in Los Angeles; 49.4 C (121 F).

The fires continue to burn and eat up all the land. The officials have rescued many hikers that had been trapped by the fires. The rescuers have been airlifting people trapped by the endless engulfing flames through helicopters.

The dense and thick cloud has resulted in the abandonment of a rescue mission. The rescue and airlift were scheduled for a group trapped in the fire. Because they could not find a point to and rescue the people as the area is covered by thick smoke.

There are more than 14,000 firefighters who have put their life on the line, in fighting against 25 major fires in California. Creek Fire being the largest.