The current pandemic has affected the fashion industry to a great extent. Due to cash crunch and safety issues, most people avoid spending money on the fashion industry. 

The sales have dropped. People are not spending money on new clothes and designer suits even for festival season. In hopes to support this industry, most of the fashion events are going digital.

London Fashion Week is one of the most popular events in the fashion world. To help the designers and the artists, London Fashion Week will be hosted through a digital platform. They are planning to use virtual showrooms to boost sales.

London Fashion Week:

This major fashion event took place on Thursday. Burberry was the first fashion house to start the event. Ramp, models, clothes and all the setup remained the same but without any audience.

It was hosted via a live stream. People and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world participated in the event as a digital audience. This event takes place twice every year. This is the first time; they went digital. 

It was a six-day show. More than 80 designers came together to present their designs and collection. They posted their videos on the website. It was a small event compared to last year. 

This can be a turning point in the fashion industry. Digital fashion will be the latest trend. It is a good opportunity for designers to showcase their work to a wide range of audience. 

London Fashion Week

Along with Burberry, various other designers used this platform. Riccardo Tisci joined hands with Anne Imhof for this event. Together, they showcased fashion with art. 

The streaming took place on Twitch. It is a popular streaming platform for gamers, but now it can also be used for fashion shows. 

Victoria Beckham also came forward with her designs. Along with her, Eudon Choi and Briton Goddard also showcased their designs.

Lakme Fashion Week:

After the success of London Fashion Week, Lakme is all set. They have officially announced a digital fashion show. It will take place in October. It will be a seasonal fashion show. They will have collections for all the seasons. 

The event date is 21st to 25th October. They are using an ordinary digital platform. They will use a high-tech virtual reality to showcase the event.

This will be the first Lakme digital event. It is not only a good thing for the designers but for the audience as well. All fashion enthusiasts can enjoy watching this show from the safety of their home.

It will be the biggest innovation in the Indian fashion world. The fashion industry, along with entertainment and travelling, has been severely impacted by the current pandemic. This will be the turning point and game changer for the fashion world. 

Virtual Showrooms will act as a platform to connect the audience with the designers. Buyers and sellers can use this platform. 

Most of the industries have started using a digital platform to survive. Looking at the success of LFW, Lakme Fashion Week will open new doors for the Indian fashion industry.