Many people were rooting for Tennis Star Novak Djokovic to win the US Open. However, the world No.1 will not continue to play in the US Open. 

On Sunday he lost his cool on losing the serve against Pablo Carreno Busta. In his frustration, he hit a ball behind him. The ball hit the line judge on the court. Although it was unintentional, he has defaulted from the game.

This incident went viral on social media. You can clearly see in the video that the shot was unintentional. The force behind the shot made the judge nearly trip, and she fell down. 

Immediately after the incident, Novak as well the umpire went to check on the women. After having a long conversation with the referee, the decision was made against the tennis star.

Fans were disappointed with the decision because Novak is still human, and there is nothing wrong in the display of emotions. This incident made the 17-time grand slam winning start utterly sad and empty.

He took it to Instagram to apologize for his behaviour. He officially apologized to everyone on Sunday. 

Novak Djokovic:

Novak Djokovic

He is a well-known 33-year-old Serbian Tennis player. He has No.1 rank in the list of men singles. He is also the third most popular Tennis player in the world. His achievements are as follows,

  • 17 Grand Slams
  • Five Wimbledon
  • 3 US Open
  • 1 FrenchOpen
  • 8 AustralianOpen
  • No. 1 ATP Ranking

What is a Default in Tennis?

When a player violates any rule of the game, it can result in expulsion from the game or the entire tournament. Its expulsion is known as default. 

It is very uncommon to make a default in a game like Tennis. However, what happened with Novak is the perfect example of default.

Novak’s Default:

As per Article lll, a player cannot be involved in ball abuse. They cannot use the ball and throw it in anger to harm anyone. It can happen during a match, but you cannot hit the ball violently. 

Although Novak’s intention was not to hit anyone intentionally. He did intentionally hit the ball in anger.

Can He Play in Other Tournaments?

When a player is in default, they cannot play in a particular tournament. So Novak cannot play in the 2020 US Open. However, he is not suspended so he can play in other tournaments. Because Novak is not facing any suspension, we will likely see him in other tournaments.

Can He Appeal to Reverse the Default?

In any condition, it cannot be done. The decision made by the US Open team is final, and they will not reverse it. So Novak cannot file an appeal. This year we are not going to see him play in the US Open.

Other Punishments:

Apart from getting defaulted, there will be other punishments too. The US Open takes such things very seriously. Novak has to lose all his ranking in the game. He also has to pay an additional fine of the winning money. There will be other fines, as well.

Novak’s fans are very disappointed with the decision made by the US Open. However, our tennis star will take it as an important lesson to become a better player.