Every internet user knows about Wikipedia. It is one of the most popular projects to get free online content. It is a free encyclopedia. Wikipedia is run by Wikimedia Foundation. You will get content about everything.

Wikipedia has been functioning for two decades over now. Over the span of time, it has become an ideal choice to search for knowledgeable content. There are nearly 53 million articles on Wikipedia. It publishes over 300 different languages to suit everyone’s requirements. 

While the network of content has grown considerably, the interface remained the same. Wikipedia hasn’t gone through any changes for over a decade now. 

It is a simple website which is easy to navigate. The best thing about Wikipedia is that there are no advertisements. The layout and structure are quite simple.

While we all are used to the signature design of Wikipedia, it is going to soon change. For the first time in a decade, Wikipedia will undergo changes in design, layout and structure. It is time for a new look.

Reason for New Look:

The main reason behind the change is to provide an enhanced experience to new users. They want to make the site look more functional and easy. The people who are using the internet for the first time can take advantage of the new design. 

It will be a welcomed change. Another reason for the change is to make it more user-friendly. The new design will improve the navigation. You can easily navigate for the content online. It will help all the people who are looking for a new experience.

When Will It Undergo Change?

The change is not going to happen in a day. It is a multi-year project. The project began from May 2019. They developers have been working on the desktop interface. 


There will be several changes over the course of time. This method will enable the users to give feedback and to get used to the site. The project will be completed by the end of 2021. It is done in order to get the new site ready by Wikipedia’s 20th birthday.

New Features:

We will get all these new features in Wikipedia. They will not make any changes in the content but will add new features to improve the functionality of the site.

  • Logo Reconfiguration: They are going to change the size and placement of the logo. The logo will remain the same along with the tagline. However, it will become small.
  • Collapsible Sidebar: With this feature, you can easily collapse and uncollapse the sidebar.
  • Content Width: They will change the line length of the content to make it more readable.
  • Search Widget: They will also move the search widget from the regular place.
  • Language Switching: You will get language links in the title. You can easily switch the language.
  • Sticky Header: They will make the header sticky so that you can use all the functions even if you scroll down the page.
  • Search Improvements: The search option will work like Google’s. You will get the suggestions as you type each word.
  • User Menu: The user menu will also change.
  • Table of Contents: There will be changes made in the table of contents.

These are all the changes that will take place on Wikipedia over the course of time. So by the end of 2021, we can experience a new face of the site.