Pankaj Tripathy, a lost man from Bihar, made an exceptional jump from a Village’s Kid to the Versatile and most loved Actor in India. The journey of this man has been an inspiration to people who are still at the doors of rejection. As it is said, nobody becomes a star overnight; things were the same for Tripathy too. Now, he is quite popular due to his terrific performance in many movies and Series at OOT platforms. 

Inspiration and Dreams

In the year 1995-96, he used to ride his cycle for hours just to attend acts and plays in Patna. The love of Hindi Cinema was just a beginning, but the inspiration for being an Actor was taken from Stage plays and acts. A boy from Belsand village was dreaming of becoming a star while helping his Dad in the agricultural field. Nobody thought that Pankaj was a star in the making. 

Hotel Job and Love for Acting

Pankaj stated in an interview that he used to work at hotels. This did not stop him from following his dreams and compassion for acting. He used to work at a hotel from 11 pm to 7 pm. This was not a restriction on his acting dream. After sleeping for 5 hours, he used to continue his theatre from 2 pm to 7 pm. He stated that he followed this routine for two long years. 

Overcoming Stones in his way

This schedule was not any big deal for him because his aim was to reach the sky. He directly shot his shot to the star and completed his graduation in Hindi literature. But survival was the major requirement which led him to continue his jobs and plays too. The intention was pretty clear, which was to make his name, study the greats in the industry and become the greatest. 

Pankaj Tripathi

Lockups and jails

Pankaj’s life is nothing less than a tragedy. While completing his Hindu Literature, he joined Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP). Tripathy and his fellow members were once held in jail.

His life was changed forever after this incident. He started to see the world from a different angle after being jailed. 

Clock ticking in Mumbai 

On 16th October 2004, he came to Mumbai after collecting 46,000 Rs from his hard-earned money. He started looking for work to earn for his living. After days of struggle, he had only 10 Rs in his pocket on 26th December. The time was not far when his dreams were about to shatter. Later, he got small roles which helped him to survive in Mumbai City. 

Hard Times and Emotional moments 

Once, Pankaj was unable to give his wife on her birthday because he was broke. Recently, he said Manoj Bajpayee stayed in the hotel he was working for. When he left, Manoj’s slipper was taken by Pankaj as a memory and symbol of respect. 

Success and Living his Dreams

After years of struggle, Pankaj blew up by representing Sultan Qureshi during Gangs of Wasseypur. Since then, there is no sky limit for Tripathy now. His characters in Web series including Sacred Games and Akhandanand Trivedy in Mirzapur made him quite popular. Now, after acting in 40 movies and 60 serials, he is not less than a star in the Movie industry.