Kratos AKA(God Of War) was a Spartan and used to work in the Spartan army. He was at the general rank of the army. He was a very fierce warrior and a very powerful warrior in the Spartan army. When the Spartans were fighting against the barbarians, they were on the verge of losing Sparta and then Kratos made a deal with the present God Of War Ares. Kratos told Ares that if he helped him defeat his enemies and win this battle, then Kratos’s soul is his and he may wish to do anything with it. 

From that moment onward he was given the curse by Ares that whatever Ares wanted Kratos to do he should do it at once. Ares used to make him slaughter innocent people and capture villages so that they fear Ares. Zeus, the God Of Lightning and king of all gods, came to know about all this and ordered Kratos to kill Ares and become the God Of War himself.

Play station five reveal event 

God of War

At the Play station five reveal event the teaser for God Of War Ragnarok was prompted. This tells us that there is going to be another part of God Of War series. In this series, it is confirmed that the players will be going through a whole lot of different types of enemies and a whole new story in the franchise. As we have seen that God Of War game that came out in 2018 had a secret ending that showed us the entry of Thor (the god of thunder) in the last moment in the campaign where Kratos and his son Atreus. Finally take some rest after a long journey to scatter Feya’s ashes.

Expect the unexpected

As we know that the unexpected turn of events in God Of War 3 in the ending that Kratos kills himself. And gives the power that he took from Pandora’s box to defeat Zeus to the wandering tortured souls. After that moment all the fans thought that Kratos had finally died. Consequently, there is not going to be any more parts of the game. But the developer put an Easter egg in the game after the ending. This tells us that Kratos somehow managed to survive and was going to come back with another story this time.

Thor Unlocked

All the fans of the franchise have been waiting for the release of the 2018 game. And after that, they saw the ending which showed Thor. They knew that there was going to be another part of the game and was waiting for the reveal event. After the reveal event fans have their expectations limit set very high and are waiting for the game to release.

Some of the fans of the franchise have also made a video on YouTube. Moreover, in an attempt of trying to predict the outcome of the last game. They also tried to predict what was going to happen in the new game. Will it be the end of God Of War or will it continue with a twist like always.