Schools, colleges and other educational institutions have remained closed since March in India. 2020 will hold the record for the biggest summer vacation ever. 

Schools normally reopen in the month of June. But because of the current pandemic, and considering the safety of children, the education industry went digital.

Most of the schools and colleges started using video calling platforms like Zoom and Google Meet to schedule lectures for students. While it is not an ideal way of Indian education, it proved to be quite fruitful.

However, as per the Unlock 4.0 guidelines, the rules have changed. Now, schools can be reopened in various Indian states. The reopening will be from 21st September. 

While most of the students are saddened by the news others are happy to finally meet their friends and go with the normal life routine. 

Some parents are in support of this while others are still apprehensive about it. The same goes for schools. Some schools are in support while others are against it.

However, there are different rulings in different states. In some Indian states, schools will reopen from 21st September while others are extending the lockdown.

Central Government Guidelines:

The central government has given permission to reopen schools from 21st September. 

However, it is not compulsory. The decision lies in the hands of the State Government. They have the liberty to decide whether to open the schools or not. It depends on the current situation in the state. 

Reopening of schools

In states where Covid-19 is in control will begin from Monday. It will open for 9 to 12 class. Schools will remain partially open. 

There will be few teaching and non-teaching staff allowed in the precincts. The attendance is voluntary. The schools will not force the students for attendance.

State-wise Guidelines and Decision:

Most of the states are not in favour of reopening schools. But there are few states where schools will reopen. Here are the state-wise decisions.

  • Uttar Pradesh: Schools in UP will remain closed for this month. The Deputy CM has not given permission for schools to reopen.
  • Kerala: Kerala is also not reopening the schools. Kerala CM is against reopening the schools. It will remain closed for September as well as October.
  • Gujarat: The Gujarat government is also not reopening the schools in the state, looking at the current Covid-19 situation.
  • Uttarakhand: The schools will not reopen in September. As per the government order, it will be closed till 30th September.
  • Jammu and Kashmir: In this state, the school will reopen from 21st September. However, it will be partially open. 
  • Goa: Goa will take the decision on 2nd October regarding school reopening.
  • Haryana: Schools will open in this state from 21st September. Students can start attending schools. However, the teachers will be tested for Covid-19 first.
  • Delhi: They are in support of reopening schools. But it will open after 5th October. Till then the students have to go with online classes.
  • Assam: Schools will reopen in Assam from 21st September. But there are some guidelines which have to be followed.
  • Karnataka: Schools and PUC will reopen from 21st September. 

All the other states are yet to make a decision on reopening the schools.