The Oscars board members have said that they will take extra steps to diversify the membership and nominees for Oscars, which will be called “Academy Aperture 2025”.

It was announced that prior to the 94th Oscars, new eligibility and representation rules would be implemented. This will change the number of nominees. That is, from 5 to 10 best picture nominees, it is guaranteed that ten will be nominated in order to increase the criteria for allowing more films to get nominated under the category of Academy’s top honour.

A question has taken place for the Academy members from the 17 branches of the organization, to understand how they perceive the change and feel about the new implementation of nominations. Some members have stated that they are glad that the Academy has decided to take action. But nevertheless, at the same time, they are also curious about the new requirements for adding diversity that have not been announced yet.

The new rules have varying effects on the masses


The implementation of new nomination rules and its requirements has people curious about how it will look like an ongoing practice to add diversity. One of the producers’ branches has said that the Academy realizes that they have to put in more work to make the weighing sign point towards equality. Thus, this is an excellent initiative to begin a step towards that path.

Larry Gleason, who is a veteran distribution specialist, has said that the Academy, given the light of the present situation of the country, needs to take a step forward in looking at the diversity situation. He too is anxious to see the results and outcome of what sort of recommendations are going to be made by the Academy. He also says that it does not affect the creativity of the filmmakers and that it is also essential that everyone does their job better.

The writer’s branch member, Geoffrey Fletcher, was the first black scribe to win an Oscar for the screenplay. Moreover, he was recognized for the movie of 2009 “Precious”. He has said that he feels encouraged by the efforts of the Academy to make progress. However, he hopes that the expansion of the new nomination way from 5 to 10, to a solid ten nomination scheme, will someday be rendered by other remarkable success and improvement of these and other measures made by the industry (s).

However, Bruce Feldman from the marketing and public relations branch has said that it is good that the board has well intentions to resolve these issues which are indeed difficult, but what are they talking about? He questions. Moreover, he adds on by saying that by what reality are they going to go about implementing the diverse requirements for the new Oscars Eligibility. Additionally, he says that it reminds him of the announcement that had been made about the popular plan of Oscars that was going to disenfranchise older members and was told by them that it was going to be implemented, but it never was.